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August 20th, 2008

I’m participating in two blogs besides the one on my own site, Dear Readers, and as you can plainly see, I am very hard pressed to make regular entries here! I blog every Saturday on http://typem4murder.blogspot.com, as well as on http://fatalfoodies.blogspot.com. Now, some people write a lengthy blog entry every day, but those people tend to be either columnists who do this for a living, or teenagers who think the world cares about their every thought. For me, blogging twice on Saturday is about my limit, since I’m trying to write a book at the same time.

(If I may digress, which I often do whether I may or not, speaking of blog columnists reminds me to mention one of my favorite political columns written by Jon Talton, http://roguecolumnist.typepad.com. Jon is a long-time business and political columnist and newspaper journalist, as well as a fellow mystery author, who now lives in Seattle. If a liberal political view makes the top of your head blow off, don’t read it.)

Besides blogging and book-writing, and a bunch of promotional stuff I won’t bore you with here, I’ve been trying like the deuce to learn the ins and outs of my new iMac. I signed up for the one-to-one training sessions, and once a week I haul my computer on a little wheeled hand truck to the nearest Apple Store. Unfortunately for my attempts to save gasoline, the nearest Apple Store isn’t that near – about seven or eight miles south, in the big Fashion Mall in the next town. Aside from the fact that I paid a hundred bucks for a year’s worth of one-on-ones and I have no intention of wasting that money, I certainly need the lessons. I know that iMacs are supposed to be very easy to use, intuitive, in fact, but my intuition apparently has not been functioning up to par. This is what happens to you after ten years of working on a PC.

If ever I learn how to use all the wonderful features on this machine, this site is going to be spectacular! I’ll be able to create a picture album, among other things. But until then, just bear with me, Dear Reader, because the old brain just ain’t as agile as it used to be, and the learning curve seems to be steeper than I anticipated.

Since we’re on the subject, let me remind you that Type M 4 Murder is a blog that I share with four other mystery writers – Deborah Turrell Atkinson, Vicki Delany, Rick Blechta, and Charles Benoit. We write about our lives and experiences as mystery novelists. Fatal Foodies is a brand new blog that started up only a couple of months ago. The participants – Marian Allen, Dana Fredsti, Gayle Trent, Christine Verstraete, Lisa Hall, and My Humble Self – are writers who feature food in their novels, columns, and stories! Now, that is an interesting concept.

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