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May 1st, 2019

I am writing this post on May Day, Dear Readers, and remembering when I was a wisp of a child growing up in the wilds of Oklahoma in long ago days of Yore. Every year on May Day our elementary school would set up May poles on the playground and each class would take turns winding them. I don’t think schools do this any more. I don’t know why. Perhaps kids are too “sophisticated” to do such a geeky thing these days. Perhaps somebody decided that May pole winding is too pagan. I only remember that it was fun and I enjoyed it. Does anyone else have memories of doing this, or know if it’s still done anywhere?

I got a note from my new publisher this morning informing me that they’d like to change the title of my next book, which will be out in November. This is the first installment of a new series about one of Alafair’s daughters who becomes a silent movie star in 1920s Hollywood. The series is called The Adventures of Bianca Dangereuse, and the former title of book one was Lust for Vengeance. I chose that title because it sounded like one of those overblown 1920s movie serial titles, but I have to say that I never fell in love with it. Neither did Sourcebooks. Their suggestion for a title is The Wrong Girl.

I like it!

Soon I hope to have a cover to show you.

Last month I wrote a long entry on my husband’s latest health ordeal, a couple of emergency surgeries to save the sight in his one good eye. Since then, things have improved quite a bit, but as the doctor said, “this is far from over.” We don’t expect any more eye surgeries in the near future, anyway, and Don has improved enough to be able to read. He even felt confident enough to do some driving today, and did fine. Thanks to everyone for your well-wishes. I don’t know what else could go wrong with Don that hasn’t already, but I’ll keep you posted.

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