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July 27th, 2009

in keeping up with my internet duties. I have managed to get my Type M 4 Murder and Fatal Foodie entries done on schedule (links above). In fact, there has been a very interesting thread going on over at Type M on creating characters and making them real. I’d recommend it to any of you Dear Readers who are also Dear Writers.

My problem has been mostly that whenever I get on the computer, I am compelled to work on my new book. I’d like to whip the first 100 pages into order by the end of the first week in August, which is when my editor gets back from vacation. I’m a little worried, because it seems to me that what I have qualifies as much as a historical novel as a mystery. Is that a bad thing? I’m sure my editor will let me know.

In any event, the best I’ve been able to do about my e-mail recently is check to see if any emergencies have arisen lately that I must take care of. Otherwise, I have 148 messages kept as new, so to all my friends and relatives, I really do intend to get back to you one of these days.

Quick husband update – Don saw his cardiologist on July 20, who told him that his latest echocardiogram shows that his heart function has practically returned to normal. Handsome Young Doctor Cardiologist was thrilled, and said that Don should only have to come in for routine checkups hereafter. We were pretty thrilled, too.
As for the tubes – he still has them, though no bags attached. He’s been functioning just fine, eliminating almost as much liquid as he takes in. No symptoms of blockage, like pain or fever. Just this afternoon, the hospital called and arranged for him to come in on August 6 for one more dye test, and if it’s okay, they will remove the tubes. At last. He was drilled and the tubes inserted for the first time on January 7. I’m praying like crazy that the things will come out, because they restrict his life somewhat, but I don’t resent them too much. They saved his life.

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  1. Hannah

    Just checking in with you Donis — so glad and happy things are going well for Don. And bravo for your 100 pages. I am in first draft hell and have a grim 8 pages of rubbish.

  2. Donis Casey

    And from such a tiny seed a mighty oak shall grow. Though I have to admit writing a first draft is about as much fun as a poke in the eye.

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