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October 25th, 2009

Look what I learned to do, Dear Readers! I can now add pictures to my blog! I’ve been able to add pics to the Gallery (see above right) and to my Type M 4 Murder and Fatal Foodie blogs since their inception, but the skills necessary to add pictures to this WordPress blog has until a few days ago eluded me. I am not particularly intimidated by the cyber world, but I am uninterested enough that I don’t persevere like I ought when I want to learn how to do something new. In any event, I discovered how to add pictures quite by accident, and it isn’t that hard. So I guess it’s true that God watches over the ignorant.

The PP Webcon was yesterday, and I must say that I was quite pleased with how it turned out. There was enough to see and do that one could have stayed busy and involved online all day long. As I mentioned in my last post, I drove in to Scottsdale early in the morning and participated in an hour-long panel on adding suspense to one’s writing, along with Libby Hellmann, Fred Ramsay, and Betty Webb. Viewers could watch the panel live and type in questions while it was going on, and so they did! According to Rob Rosenwald, our publisher and filmer for the day, we had 50 or so live viewers, and several questions. It was tremendous fun, and I learned a thing or two myself. There were several live panels and presentations, several interviews with the famous, many really interesting book trailers and on-demand film clips, and audio panels and presentations. If you aren’t technologically ‘ept’, there were also lots of text panels on every writing subject you can imagine.

Those of us who paid the $25 fee to participate live also received a cyber goodie bag full of downloadable freebies, including dozens of original short stories by authors very well known and not so much, as well as a $20 gift certificate to Poisoned Pen Bookstore. The chat room was open all day, and there was no telling who you might run into. I was able to exchange a few words with Nevada Barr. We talked a bit about her new book, 13 1/2. Seems she’s also into vampire books.

I didn’t do it, but live participants could also sign up for agent and editor appointments, just like any other mystery conference.

The chat room is closed, the agents and famous authors are gone, but much of the conference was archived, so if you want to check out Peter May’s fabulous (and hilarious) clips about going to China to research his books, or watch an interview with Laurie R. King, or if you are just dying to find out if I’m really as twangy as I make myself out to be, go to the PPWebcon website and see for yourself

(Click on pic to make bigger. I’ll get better at this with practise.)

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