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January 13th, 2010

It’s about time to let you know what’s going on in Donis World, Dear Reader, considering the fact that I haven’t updated my blog in about a month. I blame the holidays. That makes me feel much less guilt ridden than blaming myself.

After a lovely but busy Christmas, Birthday, and New Years, my sister and niece from Joplin, MO, visited us here in sunny AZ all last week. Carol (sister) and Abby (niece) probably wish they’d stayed in AZ, or left a little earlier, one. They arrived home on Sunday at 11:30 pm, after an hour’s drive from Springfield to Joplin in 20 degree weather, to find that a pipe had burst at my sister’s house and flooded the entire downstairs and basement. Abby lives in an apartment in the “basement”, and her ceiling had fallen in. My brother-in-law is in Taiwan for several weeks. so they had had a friend staying at the house while they were here, but she had left that morning. So apparently the pipe burst that very day after about noon. So much for the relaxing vacation. Carol called me after she got home and assessed the damage, but I didn’t hear from her yesterday. I’m guessing she’s busy.

I swore to myself that I’d spend all of my unalloted time for the rest of January writing on the new book. (As yet untitled. I was thinking of calling it Haints, until I discovered that Nash Black already has a book of the same title.) I keep working on the same 100 pages – changing my mind, unsure how to get where I want to go. But by God, I’m going to plow through even if it doesn’t make sense. I can think of several very popular authors who don’t care if they make sense. Perhaps lack of sense will be what puts it over the top to become a best seller.

My friend Hannah Dennison, author of the Vicky Hill mystery series, who is also currently suffering from a similar writerly brain disorder, pointed out to me that Mercury is currently retrograde in Capricorn. That explains it to my satisfaction. I’ll think of some other reason that I’ve had trouble since long before Mercury went retrograde.

Speaking of Hannah, she has a new book out called Expose’, and will be the guest blogger this coming Sunday on Type M 4 Murder. Her books are too funny, and this one, set in the exciting world of English snail racing, is no exception.

I must go try and figure out what to do next with poor Shaw Tucker, who is being followed by a mysterious … what? A haint?

I’ll keep you posted.

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