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June 25th, 2005

Last time I was in Oklahoma, early in May, I took with me my favorite photograph of myself and my brother. The photo is old and faded, now (as am I, though my brother is holding up better), but I always thought this particular picture really showed the rather jaunty relationship we had in our youth. I took the photo with me in hopes that my bro, who is now my webmaster, would upload it onto this site for me. I thought he should get some recognition, being my website creator, and all.

Instead of putting the picture on the website himself, he sent me the code so I could do it myself. He has an unwarranted amount of faith in my computer skills. However, I managed to do it, after a fashion! I don’t know why some of the code showed up in the caption, but I’m not complaining. I’m lucky it worked at all. The photo is on the “Contact” page. I’m around twenty-two. He’s around four. Our parents didn’t believe in limits. See the “Press Kit” page for a more current, slightly wrinklier, and quite a bit plumper image of yours truly.

I have a couple of sisters, as well. Maybe we’ll eventually get their likenesses on the site, too.

(addendum, June 27 : Chris fixed the weird caption glitch. Just take my word that when I did it, it looked funny)

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