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July 27th, 2011

My publisher, Poisoned Pen Press, has started its own author blog this month. Every day a different PPP author posts an entry on anything he or she wants. I’ve been following the blog since it went up on July 1, and is it ever fascinating. I’ve read articles by authors who set their novels in past, present, and future, in England, France, Greece, Canada, Arizona, Georgia, Kansas… I swear that now my TBR pile is taller than I am! I am one of said PPP authors, Dear Reader, and I managed to get myself included in the list of 30-31 authors who post to the blog one day a month. I am Miss 27th, so since today is July 27 as I write, my first post just appeared on the blog this morning. My inaugural entry is an overview of my series and why I write about Oklahoma in the 1910s. Drop over and have a look at www.poisonedpen.com/blog to see what I wrote and stay to check out all the other fabulous authors. I guarantee that your TBR pile will grow, too.

Alafair's house outside of Boynton, OK


Speaking of good blogs, I discovered another good one recently in Sherry’s Web of Murder. She writes about mystery writing, writers, and books, and also reviews mystery novels. If you’re looking for great mysteries to read, this is a wonderful place to get ideas. Sherry is a sweetie, too. On July 22 she posted reviews of my first four novels; The Old Buzzard Had It Coming, Hornswoggled, The Drop Edge of Yonder, and The Sky Took Him. She liked them, I am pleased to say! I’ll be posting excerpts of all four reviews on each book page (click on “Reviews” under the icon of each cover, right.) In the meantime, you can read what she had to say about Alafair and the series here

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