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September 14th, 2006

Hornswoggled is now well launched and away.  I did my first talk/signing for my second book at Poisoned Pen Bookstore in Scottsdale day before yesterday, Sept. 12, followed by a repeat program at Poisoned Pen Central Bookstore in Phoenix on the 13th.  I was partnered with Jon Talton, Arizona Republic newspaper business columnist and author of four “David Mapstone” mysteries, the fourth of which, Arizona Dreams., has also just been published by Poisoned Pen Press.  The events were most pleasant and relatively successful, and I’m grateful to my publisher for pairing me with Jon, who is something of a local celebrity with a nice following.  I was only too happy to attach myself to his coattails.  Jon and I each spoke about our respective books for a few minutes, then talked about writing and answered audience questions. He was generous and witty, and I thought we worked off of each other well.   And lest I sound too modest, some of my peeps attended the event as well, and my repartee was witty enough

As for the outfit, I know you’re atingle with anticipation, Dear Reader.  I wore black : slacks and a light jacket, with a white blouse, tan heels (not too high), and lots of showy copper jewelry; necklace, pin, rings, bracelet, and big honking earrings.  I know the fashion rule is “less is more”, but when it comes to copper jewelry, in my little world, sometimes “more is more”.

More reviews of Hornswoggled  are showing up slowly.  There was a nice one in the Contra Costa Times last week, by Roberta Alexander, who gave Buzzard such a glowing review last year.  She liked Hornswoggled but wasn’t quite as enthralled with it as she was the first book.  Still a nice review, though, and I appreciated it.  And, the very next day, I received a wonderful e-letter from a woman in Illinois who loved the book, so I was saved from having to throw myself under a train.  Because, as anyone who has ever written anything knows, you’re always wondering if you’re losing your touch.

 So, lots of events to go, including the October book tour of Oklahoma.   I certainly hope anyone within driving distance of any of my talks or signings will drop in and see me.  And don’t forget to go to www.okreadsok.org before the end of October and vote for The Old Buzzard Had It Coming to become the Oklahoma Centennial book for 2007.

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