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August 7th, 2007

My web site was down for four or five days, in case you didn’t notice, Dear Reader, but miraculously we seem to be back up today. I am so glad, because a site-crash was just one more thing to add to the reasons for my recent exceptionally bad mood.

Sometimes one just gets crabby for no really good reason. I’ve been ready to pop somebody for a week or so. Nobody in particular – just whoever – though I notice that Don is keeping his distance lately. I think that I’m feeling a little stressed about getting the 100 pages of Book 4 ready for the editor, on top of trying to make arrangements for Colorado book signings (bookstore community relations managers are wonderful people but slow answerers), and prepare for a couple of talks coming up in the next two weeks. Also, I’ll be going to Ancorage for Bouchercon at the end of September. I’ll be on a historical mystery panel which I rashly volunteered to moderate, since there didn’t seem to be a crush of other people wanting to do it.

Taken one at a time, none of these things are too daunting, but for some reason the combination is causing me some distress. I seem to get this way anyway just before a new book comes out. And then the web site crashes.

But in the end, my sunny disposition reasserts itself (soon, I hope). The 100 pages are almost done. The web site reappears. And what do I really have to complain about? In the last few weeks, my poor sister totaled her car when some bozo ran a red light, her basement flooded from too much rain, her husband had to have a shunt put in an anuerism in his knee, her daughter may be facing a medical procedure, and on top of everything, she stepped on a rake and whacked herself in the face. And she perseveres through all.

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  1. Chris Casey

    Sorry that our flaky Web hosting has affected your mood. To be honest, besides this and the last time when we were down for several weeks, these guys aren’t such bad hosts. Still, I’m making backups of your blog tonight and I’ll look for something more reliable in case this happens again.

    Love ya, sis.

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