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November 27th, 2008

Here’s an interesting little tidbit. Author, playwright, editor, teacher, and promoter (and wife of author Peter May) Janice Hally has a fascinating feature about writers’ rituals posted on her “Suite 101” site. (http://research-writing-techniques.suite101.com/article.cfm/writers_rituals_donis_casey). (FYI – I don’t know what I just did with that link. Apparently it’s on there twice, but I’m afraid to mess with it, so good luck)

Many mystery authors have posted their rituals on the site, and it is entirely fascinating to see how we all go about the Craft. I offered to name a character for whoever knows the year of the Big Blizzard, which also happens to be the year I was born. I’ll give you a hint. I don’t mean the blizzard of 1888. No relatives or childhood friends need apply.

I guess I should have said I’ll name a character after the first person to name that year. I may end up writing a book set in 1918 with a bunch of characters named Tiffany, Pylot, Apple, and Madison. Perhaps I’ll be inspired to start a contemporary series. A Sci-Fi Romance? I’ll let you know if things get out of hand, but until then I’ll be interested to see what happens.

3 Responses to “Writers’ Rituals”

  1. Randy Edmond

    Donis, I think the Big Blizzard was in 1949.
    — Randy

  2. Randy Edmond

    Donis, okay, I’ve done further research, and found that the Big Blizzard started in mid November of 1948 and continued through early January 1949, so the right answer must be 1948.
    — Randy

  3. Donis Casey

    OMG, Randy, I am discovering blizzards I didn’t know existed! My blizzard, according to my mother, was simply spread all over the country from coast to coast – I suppose I should just call it a widespread snow storm. In any event you are so close that I’m giving it to you. So look for Randal in book 5, which I’m announcing right here and now will be called “All Men Fear Me.”

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