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February 18th, 2009

Since we’re on a brief hiatus from operations and procedures, I’m actually doing some authorly things. On February 18 at 3:30, I’ll be doing “An Afternoon of Mystery” at Tempe Public Library, so be sure and come by if you’re on the vicinity.

Yesterday a guest blog that I wrote appeared at www.thelittleblogofmurder.com. It’s entitled “Now I Have to Kill Someone,” which is a problem every mystery author has to solve in every book she writes.

Next Tuesday, February 24, another guest blog of mine will come up at www.popsyndicate.com/books. That’ll be a nice long interview about my work, along with an excerpt from Sky.

Last night, I enjoyed the most wonderful telephone interview with the ladies (I didn’t hear any men) of the Manasha, WI, Public Library Mystery Readers Group. Their latest read was The Drop Edge of Yonder, and they asked me lots of questions about the entire series and all the characters. De Dalum, who conducted the interview, told me that they have interviewed many authors by telephone, all thanks to the lovely Fred Ramsay (The Stranger Room). A couple of the women met Fred and his wife Susan at a Bouchercon Conference, and when they complained that authors never come to Manasha, he suggested that they should just conduct conference call interviews. So they do! What a great idea. I loved it, and I hope they had as much fun as I did. When I think back on it, I did rather run off at the mouth.

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