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February 5th, 2009

Don went to the cardiologist’s office yesterday to have his ICD (implanted cardiac device – the pacemaker/defibrillator) checked out, and everything looks very good on that front. I called the urologist to make the follow up appointment after his lithotripsy, and it seems they want him to go back to Banner Desert hospital this week for another procedure called an “antegrade nephrostogram”, which (and I quote from the material we found on the internet about it) “is helpful in evaluating the nature of the blockage of a ureter and determining whether thearpy has relieved the obstruction.” As far as we can determine, they intend to inject dye into his kidney tubes, take an X-ray, and see if it goes though the ureters. It’s another outpatient procedure. That’ll happen this Friday. Then on Monday the 9th he has an appointment with the kidney specialist, and on Tuesday an appointment with the urologist to hear about the test results and determine what will happen next.

Don is still feeling good. We had a nice quiet weekend. He watched the Super Bowl. We live in Arizona, so you can guess his reaction to the results. Our lives have settled into something of a routine, and I feel okay about it. Most of the time, that is, until he actually has to undergo another procedure, then I find myself anxious and full of dread. He’s always much more calm about it. I know that we have to get this taken care of, so it’s most desirable that we keep moving forward. If only they could give me a sedative as well when they do something to him.

This morning, we were awakened by a phone call from the urologist’s office telling us that Don needed to go get some blood drawn for lab work in preparation for the procedure on Friday. So we got dressed – not an quick and easy proposition these days – and drove to the lab in Mesa before breakfast, where we sat for a LONG time before they got around to drawing his blood. When we finally got home, we had some brunch, after which I ran some errands and did a little computer work. Then the oddest thing happened.

I had to go to sleep. I spent much of the afternoon in a state of collapse on the couch. This is the first time since this began that this has happened to me. Which makes me realize that one can live for many weeks on sheer nerves. I feel fine, now, though I am looking forward to going to bed.

I’m always interested in what weird and wild things happen to us every day. I feel the need to keep notes, for I think that there is a lot to be learned, here. We are being taught compassion and patience, and if nothing else, I’m being given a lot of new material to write about.

4 Responses to “Sleep”

  1. Liz Rudolph

    Donis, I’ve been “offline” due to a son’s wedding, the holidays, etc. and have just checked back in – I am SO sorry to hear about Don’s health situation and will keep you all in my prayers. What a misery for both of you.
    Liz Rudolph

  2. Donis Casey

    Thank you, Liz. I appreciate all the prayers I can get.

  3. Hannah

    Donis, just checking in for an update on you and Don. Goodluck for the 9th — you are in my prayers … love Hannah xxxx

  4. Donis Casey

    Hannah, how good to hear from you. I’ll post an update after the second doctor appointment on Tuesday – we ought to know something by then. Be sure and let me know what happens with your new book.

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