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September 2nd, 2009

A couple of events of interest have happened since my last entry. September has started, which historically has been my ‘beginning anew’ month. Several momentous life events have happened to me during this period around Labor Day, both good and horrible. I always – well, let us not say ‘dread’ this time of year, but ‘anticipate warily’. Part of this feeling of new beginning comes from my having been involved in education for most of my life. Student or teacher, your year starts in September.

Thus far, nothing untoward has occurred, though I am starting over in a couple of arenas. First of all, the book I’ve been working on for the past two years, All Men Fear Me, is currently on hold. I went into the reasons in my Aug. 29 blog entry at Type M 4 Murder (click on the link above if you’re interested), so I’ll just briefly say that my editor thought I’m moving ahead with my Alafair Tucker series too quickly, and she wondered if I would be willing to retreat backwards in time a little bit. Apparently the world in 1917 is becoming too modern and the family is changing too much. She and I will be meeting on Sept. 9 to discuss the direction of the series. I can, of course, do whatever I want with it, but my editor is pretty savvy about these things, and I tend to listen closely to her suggestions. In fact, I’ve already started working on a new book.

The second item of interest for me is that I took Don back to Good Old Banner Desert Hospital at an ungodly early hour this morning, and he had his second nephrostomy tube removed. For the first time since January 7, he is without external drainage equipment. The procedure took about 30 minutes, once he was wheeled into the OR. He had no anesthesia, so he just got dressed and walked out afterwards, then we drove to TJ Eggington’s and ate French toast. He still has an internal stint on the right side. We keep getting conflicting tales about how and when that’ll come out, but the general consensus seems to be that something will happen within the next three months that will result in its removal. At this point, we just go wherever they point us and do whatever they say to do. He has a big bandage over the now-empty back piercing. They didn’t sew it up or glue it shut or staple it or anything. Apparently it’s supposed to drain a bit. When they removed the left tube, it closed itself up within a week. I anticipate the same on the right. Don’s first action after bandage removal is to stand in the shower for the first time in eight months.

I expect a spike in the water bill for September.

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