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September 23rd, 2009

Life must be getting back to normal, because I’ve returned to my old pattern of saying yes to everything anyone asks me to do and then driving myself insane trying to get it all done. I offer as evidence the fact that it’s been three weeks since I posted a new entry on this very blog. I am constantly chiding friends and relatives (mostly the female ones. You know who you are.) for overextending themselves and not particularly enjoying it, to boot. And yet I’m as bad about it as anyone. Part of the problem is that you don’t want to disappoint. And then, this one little project won’t take much time, and neither will this one, and this one, and this one, and there’s no end to it.

Well, damn it, Donis, just say no, and strike a blow for women everywhere. And if I ever manage to do it, I’ll be sure and let you know, Dear Reader.

I did have lunch with my editor a couple of weeks ago. As I mentioned earlier, she wants me to slow my series down and not be in such a rush to bring Alafair and her family into more modern times. So, I have begun a new book that begins in November of 1915, only two months after the events in The Sky Took Him. This new book, as yet untitled, is different from the previous four in that the central character, barring Alafair herself, is Shaw, her husband, rather than one of the kids. I’ve been looking forward to doing an autumn book. This one will have hunting, quilting, hog-butchering, and Thanksgiving. Oh, and Muscogee Creek Indians, haints, and of course, murder.

Husband update – I removed the bandage from Don’s last back-piercing a week ago, and he immediately took a long, hot, shower! A few days ago, early in the morning, I was sitting at the computer when Don walked through, fully dressed, and it dawned on me with a jolt that he is now fully self-sufficient again. When he first came home after the Big Hospitalization in January, he could hardly stand up by himself, much less get dressed. I pretty much did everything for him. As he got better and better over the months, one task after another dropped off of my nursing duties, until finally all that has been left for the past few weeks was that he couldn’t wash his own back, change his own dressings, or wash his hair. When that last bandage came off, and he was able to shower again, the last of the tasks dropped away. We’ll be going to see Zippy the Urologist tomorrow to find out the status of the internal tube Don still has left. I’m betting that he’ll say we should wait another month before he removes it, just to be safe.

And lest you think God is going to let us get away with no annoyances this month, Don went to the dentist yesterday and discovered that he needs a root canal, and maybe two. That’s scheduled for Monday.

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