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July 3rd, 2022

A new month, new giveaway. It’s July, and I live in Arizona, so yes, it’s hot. In the spirit of summer, this month I’m giving away one paperback copy of my second Alafair Tucker Mystery, Hornswoggled.

first edition

Hornswoggled opens like this:

“Something bad was bound to happen. It was just that kind of hot, humid, Oklahoma July day, with a gritty wind that blew everything awry. Fifteen-year-old George Washington Tucker, known as Gee Dub, hunkered on the grassy, overgrown banks of Cane Creek, grimly hanging on to his fishing pole, trying to ignore the sweltering heat and the clouds of gnats, mosquitos, and various other disgusting critters who were trying to fly up his nose and into his eyes and drink the salt off of his sweat-slick skin. The hot wind was maddening, the way it blew first out of the north, then out of the southwest, then died and dropped his damp, black curls into his eyes. At least when it picked up again, it blew the gnats away for a few seconds. And it wasn’t even quite noon, that was the sad thing.”

Guess what’s in the water…

(To read the rest of the first chapter, click here.)

To enter the drawing, click on “contact”, above, and leave your name and email address. No one will see it but me. I”ll draw the winner’s name from my Magic Cowboy Hat on Sunday, July 10, and notify the lucky person by email to send me their address. I’ll send the free book to the winner by US Mail.

p.s. the photo on the front of the 1st edition of Hornswoggled is of a family band my grandparents and their cousins and siblings played in. The photo was taken in 1913. My grandmother and grandfather are standing in the back row on the left.

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  1. Kim Halbert

    Kim halbert

  2. Renee Simmons

    Thank you for this opportunity

  3. Lulu Bruns

    July Giveaway!

  4. Nancy Pumphrey

    July 5

  5. Nancy Pumphrey


  6. Nancy Pumphrey

    Thank you for this opportunity

  7. Mary E Halpin

    thank you

  8. Verna Gass

    Would love to win this book. The excerpt sounds so interesting. I can’t stop thinking about it. Thanks for the chance to win a copy

  9. Mona


  10. Gaylia Annette Hancock

    Oh yes I would love to win.

  11. Sandra Beck

    what a happy and wonderful way ti celebrate July

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