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August 3rd, 2023

Dear Summer, I’m tired of you. Last month at this time, I complained a lot about the horrible heat we were enduring at the beginning of July. It didn’t get any better, believe me. Today, August 3, as I write this, we’ve only had two days under 110º since the beginning of July, August 1 and 2. Every day thought the entire month of July ran at or above that mark. Usually WAY above. Today’s high is 110º, and we’re forecast to be back to 115º by this coming Saturday. So brace yourselves for more complaining on my part, Dear Readers. We’re used to heat here in southern Arizona, but this is beyond the pale. At least I don’t have to keep up with the yard work for a while. Everything in the yard is burned up.

On a happier note, I’m still working on my new novel, which at this point remains nameless. I feel like I’m not quite half-way through, but the more I write, the more ideas come my way. If I can pull this off, I think it’ll be a good one. Here’s the plot: The day after Dutch financier Miep Van Eyck loses her job with an international investment bank, her father dies and she returns to Amsterdam to clean out the canal boat where he had raised Miep on his own. Miep believed her Dutch mother had died in an accident when Miep was three, but she discovers documents among her father’s effects that show Miep was born in Arkansas. And not only was her mother an American, but she was murdered, Miep’s father was accused of killing her, kidnapping Miep, and leaving the country for the Netherlands. Her world shattered, Miep leaves for America for the town where she was born, determined to discover if her beloved father had really killed her mother.

Don’t miss my Tell Me Your Story guest for August, former research scientist and international business executive Warren C. Easley, (https://www.warreneasley.com) author of the award-winning Cal Claxton mysteries set in Oregon. No Witness, eighth of that series, earned the 2022 Spotted Owl Award for best mystery novel by a Pacific NW author. His ninth Claxton book, Fatal Flaw, is available now. Warren’s story will appear August 20 on this very website.

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