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July 3rd, 2024

Welcome to July! I’m working on a new book as hard as I can. It’s taking longer than usual since it’s a new cast of characters and a new setting and I have to take time to get to know them and how they react to the horrible situations I put them in. I’d like to finish by next month. Partly because I made a bet with English mystery writer Hannah Dennison that we’d both finish our new novels in August, and partly because I’ve agreed to act as Writer in Residence for the Glendale AZ Library system from September through November, and that’s going to take most of my time. Because A) I haven’t done a Writer in Residence program since the pandemic, and I’m going to have to review and update my programs, and B) I live an hour away from Glendale AZ, so I’m going to be spending a lot of time traveling.

However, if you live in the northern Phoenix metropolitan area and want to do a deep dive into writing techniques and tips, do come see me in Glendale this fall.

Speaking of writing classes, The Society of Southwestern Authors—Valley of the Sun Chapter will present a workshop on indie publishing on Sunday, July 28, 2024 at 2 p.m. You can enjoy the FREE workshop at home on Zoom. The Zoom invitation will be sent out twice: one week before the workshop and a reminder two days before.

The workshop will include two handouts, the first being a checklist of important tasks to consider before publication from covers to blurbs. The second is a list of local and national organizations for writers. You’ll receive the handouts along with the first and second Zoom invitations.

Three speakers who have all published traditionally as well as self-published will share their experiences: DEBORAH J LEDFORD, SUZANNE FLAIG, AND ART KERNS.

If this sounds like something of interest to you, email Margaret Morse, President of Society of Soutwestern Authors – Valley of the Sun, and she will send you the invitation.

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