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May 23rd, 2011

I spoke at two events in a row last weekend – Scottsdale Public Library’s Friends of the Library Annual Fundraiser (see details in previous entry) on Friday night, and a Christian Women Writers of the West luncheon on Saturday. Two events in a row is nothing when you’re on a book tour and you more or less use the same spiel over and over, but these two events were different as night and day and both required a lot of totally different preparation. Both went very well, but I was pooped on Sunday and didn’t get much accomplished.

But now I have no book events scheduled until the middle of June, so barring problems with health or home (both of which are coming up for some scheduled maintenance soon) my plan is to write.

I woke up this morning brimming with ideas. I am thrilled, for over the past two years exciting ideas have been thin on the ground around here. In fact I have more ideas than I can use right now, so I keep stopping in the middle of working with Alafair and jotting down the thoughts for other stories that keep flitting through my head.

It’s wonderful to be energized after a long dry spell, but here’s a little secret that writers know. You can have the most brilliant idea every conceived on God’s green earth but what separates the men from the boys is the ability to get it down on paper in an effective way. That’s what scares me. I’m very glad to have some mental energy again, but the physical energy has yet to manifest itself. If I want to get my stories written all I can count on at this point is sheer willpower. I’m curious to see if I can muster it.

p.s. All right, I overdid the cliches. But then I rather like cliches. There’s a reason they have staying power.
p.p.s. One of my sisters lives in Joplin. She and her family came through the tornado unscathed, but they are shocked and devastated at the damage to their town, their friends and neighbors. Please keep the residents of Joplin in your thoughts.

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