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February 22nd, 2006

A couple of months ago, I wrote a post about a couple of awards for which The Old Buzzard Had It Coming has been nominated. (“It’s An Honor Just to Be Nominated” November 16, 2005). Here’s the lastest on that front :

I didn’t make the list of Edgar finalists, big surprise. The finalists for the best first novel of 2005 are
Die A Little, by Megan Abbot
Immoral, by Brian Freeman
Run the Risk, by Scott Frost
Hide Your Eyes, by Alison Gaylin
Officer Down, by Theresa Schwegal

The Oklahoma Centennial Committee called my publisher a few weeks ago and told them that my book is on the short list for the 2006 Oklahoma Reads Oklahoma project. I have not yet heard whether it made the “Six Pack” for 2006, but as far as I know, the winners have not been notified.

I did make the list of fiction finalists for the Oklahoma Book Award. The winner will be announced on March 11. The other finalists are :
Fields of Gold, by Marie Bostwick
The Old Buzzard Had It Coming, by Yours Truly
The Black Jack Conspiracy, by David Kent
Tales of the Wide-A-Wake Cafe, by Curt Munson
The Hot Kid, by Elmore Leonard
To Kingdom Come, by Will Thomas

Want to give me odds on my chances with that field? What a year to be a finalist. I ask you. Elmore Leonard! Well, as my editor said to me, “august company.” She also said, “Wait ’til they read Hornswoggled. Now, if you knew my awe-inspiring editor, Dear Reader, you’d know that getting a comment like that from her is like winning the National Book Award.

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