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May 27th, 2006

Here’s the new look! The colors of the site have changed from blue/salmon to green/rust, to match the cover color of the new book, Hornswoggled. The “Books” link has been removed from the navigation bar. Instead, the web master has created a window for both books, just to the right, here, each with a page for its synopsis, a page for its reviews, and a link to the Poisoned Pen Press site for ordering. As time permits, I’ll be adding book excerpts, and updating the “Press Kit” and the” Truth or Fiction page”. If there is something else any of you Dear Readers would like to see, let me know by clicking “Comments” below, or e-mailing me on the “Contact” page.

I came close to entitling this entry “Death to Technology, 2006 Edition”. It seems that my home computers have cached the web addresses I use most often, and when I call up my own website, I’m taken to a strange hybrid clone of the site as it was and as it is now. Web master Chris told me that I need to “clean out my cache”, but thus far, I’m not having any luck doing that. The only way I’ve been able to see the changes myself has been to use the library computers. Have faith, though, Dear Reader, and hold your breath, because I haven’t given up hope that, with the skillful use of the “HELP” button, I’ll be able to figure this out.

And, by the way, Buzzard didn’t win the Benjamin Franklin Award. My shoulders droop in woe. Of course, as a friend of mine pointed out, Buzzard got quite a bit of notice for a first book by an unknown. So I shall go weep into my pile of runner-up certificates.

I’m presently trying to set up an Oklahoma tour in early October for Hornswoggled , as well as to promote the “Oklahoma Reads Oklahoma” program and try to get people to vote for The Old Buzzard Had It Coming. My dance card is not yet filled, so if any group is interested in setting something up, please don’t hesitate to contact me and we will see what can be arranged. Thus far, I have a private event in Tulsa on Oct. 1, an event at the Boynton Historical Society shortly thereafter (date not finalized), and a talk/signing at Full Circle Books in Oklahoma City on October 7. I’ll post the schedule as soon as it is finalized.

In the meantime, enjoy the spiffy redecorating job.

(Addendum : I finally got my computer to pull up the new and improved site. And here is how Idid it — I hit “Refresh this page”, which on my server, is a curvy yellow arrow at the top. It sounds so simple, doesn’t it?)

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