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June 10th, 2006

I’ve been slowly making alterations to the pages on this site. The first area to change, besides the book pages, is the “Press Kit”. I’ve worked with the biography a bit and added an interview. I hope to add an extra picture or two later, once I figure out how on earth to manipulate my new digital camera. It doesn’t work quite like the last one I had, and while I do seem to manage to upload the pictures and find them again, I can’t at this point do anything other than look at them. What are these designers thinking when they make the cameras so difficult for the technologically unsophisticated to use! Dang whippersnappers. However, I paid over $200 for the thing, so you can bet I’ll figure it out eventually.

I’ll be speaking to our local Phoenix-area chapter of Sisters in Crime on June 21. Check out the time and location on the “Events” page. I’m going to talk about the last couple of years and my adventures as a novelist. I intend to tell the whole pitiful story, because there is much I didn’t know about the business of being a published author, and I would have been most interested had someone told me exactly what I was getting in to.

Speaking of which, I’m still trying to set up an Oklahoma book tour for October, and it is not easy. Things aren’t quite working out the way I hoped. My mother’s side of the family holds a giant reunion in Tulsa on the first Sunday in October, and I was hoping to arrange the tour in such a fashion that I could attend. But, because of a big book event in Tulsa that weekend, which doesn’t include me, I can’t find a venue. So it looks like I’ll be pushing the tour back one week. At this point, I hope to be in the Oklahoma City area around the weekend of Oct. 7, and the Tulsa area around Oct 14. I need a secretary, or a publicist, or a wife.

Last Thursday, at Tempe Public Library, I attended a talk by Laurie R. King, author of eight Mary Russell mysteries, including The Beekeeper’s Apprentice and Locked Rooms, several Kate Martinelli mysteries, including A Grave Talent, and three or four stand alone novels, including the wonderful Folly. I bought a copy of Laurie’s latest, The Art of Detection, which brings the Russell and Martinelli mysteries together, in a way. This is a very interesting idea, since the two women live eighty-some years apart. Laurie’s books are filled with colorful locations and fascinating premises. I love the Russell books, since the time period (early 20th Century) is close to mine. Besides, how can one not be interested in reading about the mystery-solving wife of Sherlock Holmes. Kate Martinelli is a modern homicide detective who does her sleuthing in the San Francisco and northern California area. I’m adding a link to Laurie King’s web site to my links page.

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