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January 4th, 2014

Well, my dears, here we are again, beginning a new year. 2013 wasn’t such a bad year for me. No major crises, just a few minor scares and annoyances.  I didn’t have a book come out in 2013. That’s the first time in a few years that that has happened. I did finish a book a couple of months ago, but the timing of the release is up to the publisher, so Alafair book number seven, Hell With the Lid Blown Off, will be out in June.

I’m looking forward to an interesting year in 2014. If my beloved spouse manages to remain as healthy as he is right now, I’ll be doing a bit more writing-related travel. I already have some things lined up.  I’ll be moderating and appearing on three panels at the Tucson Festival Of Books March 15 and 16,speaking at a conference for the Desert Sleuths Sisters in Crime Chapter on April 26, and flying back to Oklahoma to speak at the Oklahoma Writers Federation International conference on the first weekend in May. Then the book comes out in June and by then I’ll have an idea of what I’m able to do in the way of personal appearances. Though to tell you the truth, if my beloved spouse manages to remain as healthy as he is right now, the rest doesn’t really matter that much. 2014 will mark our fortieth year together, and I hardly know where one of us begins and the other ends any more.

Don and I in 1974. Little did we know...

Don and I in 1974. Little did we know…

On the topic of health and Don’s current vigor, since he’s doing so well I’m going to start out the year by taking care of a few health problems of my own that have been pending for a while. I’ll be going into the hospital on Jan. 8 to have my innards remodeled since some of the parts are old and out of date and beginning to malfunction.  But barring complications, which I don’t anticipate, I’ll be home in three or four days and raring to go in four to six weeks.

So be patient with me, Dear Readers, and thank you for years of support. I’ll be back soon and post an excerpt from the new book right here on this site. Until then, have a very happy beginning to 2014.

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  1. Marianne

    **After 5 kids I too had interior renovations done several years all. You’ll be surprised how much better you will feel. After the recoup time, I started taking yoga. Great way to slowly evolve your self and discover new vistas. Stay well, take the recuperating time to snuggle down and let your loved ones pamper you for a change. You give so much joy in your writing. Let your family and your readers give you the love you deserve. >3

  2. admin

    Yoga is a fabulous idea, Marianne, and I will take you up on that suggestion. I’m going to do my best to allow myself to be waited upon. It’s odd how hard that is when you’ve been the caretaker yourself for so many years.

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