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January 13th, 2023

I’ve lost track of time, Dear Readers! I’m trying to get a manuscript ready to submit (the third Bianca Dangereuse) and working on three other novel possibilities at the same time. Not a smart thing to do. Pick one and carry it through! I had a friend, the late great Fred Ramsey, who could work on two or three books at once and finish them all in good time. The most annoying part of it was that all his super-speedily-written novels were very good.

In a mere week, on Jan 20, check this spot for a great Tell Me Your Story post from Clare Broyles, coauthor of the Molly Murphy mysteries set in New York in the early 1900s. Clare is the daughter of Rhys Bowen, who practically needs no introduction. Rhys originated the Molly books, but she is so prolific that it was becoming difficult for her to sustain so many books and series, so she was considering an end to the popular Molly books. Clare to the rescue! Clare is coauthoring the series now, but eventually will take it over.

What a relief for all of us Readers who love Molly! Clare’s story of what it’s like to be raised by a famous author is a wildly entertaining read. I’ll see you on the 20th.

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