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August 22nd, 2010

The fifth Alafair book,Crying Blood, is at the printers now, and advance reading copies have been sent to critics and to some well-known mystery authors for review and, we hope, a cover quote. My editor received the first attribution on Friday from the great Margaret Maron. This will definitely be on the cover (which I will also post as soon as I have a final version) in part or in whole.

Crying Blood is a thoroughly engrossing evocation of life on a self-sufficient 1915 Oklahoma farm.  In Alafair Tucker, mother of ten, Donis Casey has created a clear-eyed woman of her time:  pre-ERA, accepting of her place in a male-dominated society, but not hampered by it because she well knows the value of her contributions to her family’s well-being.  This is my first meeting with Alafair Tucker and her family.It will not be my last.
– Margaret Maron

I can hardly say how happy I am that she did this, nor can I say how relieved I am that she liked it! It was due to the good offices of Carolyn Hart, another great mystery author and I must say a great human being, that Maron agreed to read my book.

Stay tuned, for as the February publication date nears, I’ll post not just the cover and reviews, but the first chapter, so you can check it out and see if you think it’s worth a read. Until then, feel free to read the first chapters of the other four books, which are posted on each individual book page. Click on “About this Book” under the covers to the left.

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