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November 16th, 2011

I’m back! Those of you who look in on this website occasionally may have noticed that it has been gone for most of the past week. Lock, stock, and barrel. My webmaster, who also happens to be my brother, tells me that the ISP was down. Which he had to explain to me that ISP is the Internet Service Provider, followed by a few choice words on his part since not only my site was lost but several sites that he manages and there was precious little he could do about it since it wasn’t HIS ISP. This is him in his thinking cap.

Webmaster Chris Casey

My poor little website has taken its knocks in the six years it’s been up. I think it is about time for a major overhaul. However, this is a fairly extensive undertaking and I think it will take some time to plan and execute. Perhaps after the holidays, or after the new Alafair book is finally submitted and in the publication queue. We shall see.

The past two months have been problematic. Not only did my website disappear but my WiFi went down yesterday and no amount of rebooting would help. I blame Cox. Fortunately the WiFi and the website reappeared this morning as mysteriously as they disappeared. It’s hard to tend to business when cyberspace is trying to thwart you at every turn.

It’s also hard to tend to business when there is illness in the family. I’ve mentioned that Darling Husband is having problems again, and we are visiting doctors of every imaginable ilk and going to the hospital for outpatient procedures two or three times a week. Which would be all right if any of this cured what ails him, but at this point no one seems to know what it is that does ail him or how to fix it.

So we soldier on as best we can, Dear Reader, and I apologize for being AWOL so long.

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