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December 5th, 2011

I had another great meeting of the authorly minds yesterday (Dec. 4) when I went out to lunch with Ann Parker, Camille Minichino, and Margaret Maron before their event at the Poisoned Pen Bookstore. Dennis Palumbo was also on the program, and lest you think that I excluded him from the luncheon for some sexist reason, I hasten to assure you that I did try to invite him, but was unable to make electronic contact with him in good time. Too bad, because when I met him later at the bookstore, I came to the conclusion that Dennis is a sweetie as well as a very good writer. He is a former television screenwriter who is now a licensed psychotherapist in Los Angeles (talk about job security!) who writes thrillers on the side!

Ann, Camille, Margaret and I had a very good time, nonetheless. I’ve known Ann for some years. She is a free-lance science writer and fellow Poisoned Pen Press author who writes historical mysteries set in the American West, as do I. When I found out she was coming and was on a program with the great Margaret Maron, winner of every mystery literature prize there is, who gave me a lovely cover quote for Crying Blood, I invited the whole crew to brunch. I had never met Camille, who also writes as Ada Madison and as Margaret Grace, but all I can say is wow! She’s research physicist and professor who currently has three mystery series going. What a group. If I start going on about each of them, we’ll never get out of here, so for the moment, I encourage you to check them all out. Here are links to their sites: Camille Minichino, Ann Parker, Dennis Palumbo, and Margaret Maron

I did bring my camera, of course, but the battery died after one picture, naturally. Fortunately, it is a very nice picture of Dennis Palumbo and Ann Parker


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