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December 14th, 2011

The blood test that Don was supposed to have yesterday did not come off. He made an appointment at the lab, but when we got there it turns out that he was supposed to have been fasting. Annoying, since he made certain to ask beforehand if he should fast. “Naw,” the nurse said, “not necessary.” So he made another appointment for tomorrow, but that’s not going to come off either. Here is why:

Today he had his hemoglobin checked and it was so low that he’s going to have to have another transfusion. I’ve lost track of how many this makes. I think this will the the fourth since early September. We went to the hospital this afternoon for the type and cross, and we will report for the fill-up tomorrow morning at nine.

He’ll make another appointment for with the lab for blood tests on Friday. The only problem is it won’t all be his blood they’ll be testing.

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