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December 16th, 2011

Today started out with a bit of sturm und drang. Don called the pharmacy to get his pain pill prescription renewed. They told him that it cannot be renewed over the phone, he has to physically bring in a hard copy scrip. So he called his GI doc’s office, and the young lady he spoke to said the written prescription would be ready for him to pick up within the next 24 hours. Okay, but today is Friday. If it’s not ready until tomorrow, will he be able to pick it up on Saturday?

No, their office is closed on Saturday.

But I’ll be out of meds before Monday. May I speak to the doctor?

He’s at the hospital this week.

Would you call and give him a message?

Can’t do that (They have before – Donis)

Give me the number and I’ll do it.

Can’t do that.

How will I know when to come and pick up the prescription?

We’ll let you know.

Hangs up, red in face (which I’m glad to see he has enough blood to get red in the face) Calls the doctor’s other office location in hopes of talking to someone more helpful. Sadly, it seems that Young Lady Number One has already alerted Young Lady Number Two. Helpfulness not forthcoming.

We discuss how to ration the pills he has left in order to make them last over the weekend. He decides it won’t be so bad. He’ll just lie around and not move. I point out that he already doesn’t move. However, the pills have unpleasant side effects that might abate if he cuts down on them. We are both feeling better about the situation when the doctor’s office calls. The prescription is ready whenever he wants to come and get it.

I feel a little bit disappointed.

p.s. I called the surgeon today – the one to whom his GI doctor referred us, not the Mayo clinic, yet – and set up a consultation appointment for Don for next Thursday morning.

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