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September 28th, 2012

Much of the last month has been spent getting ready for the launch of my new book, The Wrong Hill To Die On. It is coming out in November, and I’m feeling particularly excited about this one, since in this story I have Alafair, her husband Shaw, and daughter Blanche traveling from their native Oklahoma to Tempe, Az, in March of 1916, just as all hell is about to break loose on the border. I’ve been setting up book signings, preparing guest posts, and just as importantly, preparing to launch an update of this very website.  Or more accurately, I’ve been doing what little I can to help prepare for an overhaul of the site, while my webmaster brother has been doing the actual work.  I have the magic word that lets me see the work in progress, and let me tell you that the new look is quite nice!  Once it goes up, I’m sure there will be some futzing with it on my part as I come up to speed.  But I promise that you’ll like it, Dear Reader.

Me and the Webmaster

Writers try to set up as many signings and appearances as they can when a new book comes out, depending on what venues will have them, how much time they can spend away from their daily lives, and how much travel they can afford.  (Yes, afford.  You didn’t think authors get paid for travel or signings, did you?  Only the really big names who don’t need it get some reimbursement from the publisher.)  As for me, because of the Long Season of Illness that I have been carrying on about for the past four years (see many previous posts), I usually don’t know until almost the last minute if it looks like I’ll be able to stay away from home long enough to go very far.

However, hubby’s last operation in May seems to have set him on the right track for a while, and over the last couple of months he’s so improved that I’m making hay while the sun shines.  At this point, I have eight personal appearances scheduled for the end of October here in the Phoenix area, and the beginning of November in the Los Angeles area and San Francisco. Check out the Events page (above) to see if I’ll be showing up near you. I hope there will be more events around Arizona in the winter, since the new book is set here in Arizona, so keep an eye out.

And don’t forget that the first book in the Alafair series, The Old Buzzard Had It Coming, is now being offered as a free download on Kindle – the publisher is shamelessly enticing readers to buy the rest of the series.

p.s. the picture of me and the webmaster was taken a few years ago.

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