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November 29th, 2012

After coming home from my Might Big California Book Tour with Vicki Delany (see November 12 post for lots of pictures), I had one more quite wonderful live performance at Tempe Public Library on November 14 (See previous post for review and more pics).

At Tempe Public Library with Kim Garza (center) and an attendee (Mary)

No more in person gigs except one book club until January, then there will be a bunch.  Until then, I’ve been doing some guest blogging and hope to do some more pretty soon.  For Buried Under Books (which is an excellent review site as well as a blog, by the way) Alafair and I had a conversation about how she doesn’t appreciate my getting her into trouble all the time.  If you missed that, you can read it here.

On November 19 I wrote a post for Libby Fischer Hellmann’s fabulous Say the Word blog about “Going All Zen”.  I hope you did see that one, Dear Reader, because I particularly enjoyed writing it.  Check that out here.

Then, on the 27th of every month I post on my publisher’s blog at http://poisonedpenpress.com.  Now, you should check out that blog just on general principal, because many of us Poisoned Pen authors blog there, and that is a wonderful way to discover new mysteries, all guaranteed to be good.  For November, I wrote about how I came up with some of my titles. Click Here for that link.

I’m finally getting some reviews for The Wrong Hill to Die On.  See the thumbnail of the cover on the left side of this page?  If you click on the word “Reviews” you can read some of them.  I haven’t seen any bad reviews, I’m glad to say.

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