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April 18th, 2013

My, I had a good time tonight talking to a book club in Coalgate, Oklahoma, on Skype! Is this ever the best way to travel? Is this ever the best way to get your favorite author who lives far away to come speak to your group? I say yes. We talked to one another for an hour and a half and I didn’t use one drop of gasoline and the Coalgate library didn’t have to spend a penny on an honorarium. I suggest everyone consider trying Skype or Google + for an author visit.

Enjoying the lovely folks in Coalgate Oklahoma from my  office.

Enjoying the lovely folks in Coalgate Oklahoma from my office.

And on top of everything, I only had to dress up from the waist up!

Next on the agenda is: a literary salon! Have you ever been to a literary salon, Dear Reader? Nothing is more fun. The lovely Judith Starkson is hosting myself, Elizabeth Gunn and Susan Cummins Miller at her home where we will sip wine, nosh, and talk about literature with all and sundry. If you’ve never done this, I’d suggest you give it a try. Here’s the invitation:

A Literary Evening with Three Wise and Witty Women : Donis Casey,
Elizabeth Gunn, and Susan Cummins Miller
Join us for an informal, guided conversation, books to buy, good food and wine.
5:30 pm, April 27th at the home of Judith Starkston
Ahwatukee, Arizona

Please RSVP for exact location to : judithstarkston@gmail.com
About the three mystery writers:
Donis Casey
Donis writes the Alafair Tucker series of historical mysteries set primarily in Oklahoma for the Poisoned Pen Press. Her sixth title in the series, The Wrong Hill to Die On, moves Alafair temporarily to Tempe in 1916. Alafair is a mother of ten running a farm with her husband, and yet, with her down-to-earth common sense and sharp intellect, she still has time to solve murder mysteries when they come her way. Donis comes up with the best titles in town—the first in the series is called The Old Buzzard Had It Coming.
Elizabeth Gunn
Elizabeth has two long-running series: Jake Hines, set in the fictional town of Rutherford, Minnesota, and Sarah Burke, set in very real Tucson, where Elizabeth now lives. Elizabeth’s sleuths deal with a range of contemporary issues, from struggling to fit a personal life around the demands of their jobs, to border conflict and fracking. Her Sarah Burke series of four books started with Cool in Tucson and continues with her most recent Sarah title, The Magic Line. Jake started withTriple Play in 1997. This March brought her latest title in the Jake Hines series, Eleven Little Piggies.
Susan Cummins Miller
Susan’s “sleuth” is geologist, Frankie McFarlane, which explains why Texas Tech University Press is her publisher—getting the message out about women in science. You’ll love the parallels between rock formations and the crises criminals create. Susan worked as a field geologist with the U.S. Geological Survey before turning to writing, so she knows what she’s talking about. Her latest in the five book series, Fracture, is a sedimentary delight with layers from early European history, the war in Afghanistan, the housing bust, old-fashioned greed, and the return of Frankie’s sweetheart, the satisfyingly complex P.I., Philo Dain.

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